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rubySelenium 0.0.8

rubySelenium 0.0.8 is available for download.

This release works with Selenium version 0.5.0:

  • Everything seems usable / No major problems
  • Only works with version 0.5.0 of Selenium (next version coming soon)
  • Website and documentation is still in progress - this is just a rough set of documentation to get going
  • Only works on windows at the moment


rubySelenium is esentially an HTML generation tool for the FitRunner version of Selenium. In my opinion the FitRunner version of Selenium is stable and reliable, executes quickly and feels nice to use.

However it is very time consuming to type out HTML constantly when you have a large number of scripts to create and maintain. Which is where rubySelenium fits in.


rubySelenium is released under the Ruby License.


You can view the documentation for the current release online. Documentation is also included in the source distribution.

CVS Access

You can access the rubySelenium CVS. Check out the module RubySelenium from the server. The details are available at the RubyForge project site.

Getting Help

Please use rubySelenium help forum.

Getting Involved

The development related discussions takes place on the developer's mailing list. Follow the link to subscribe.

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